Pasquette Panoramic

View from the top of the water tower.


Pastor Karl


Children of Kid’s Club

Lisa Johnson has the highest quality camera on the trip and is capturing the joy and wonder of our constant companions: the children and youth of Pasquette. Along with singing songs, playing “duck, duck, grey duck”, doing crafts and playing soccer, many of the children have enjoyed reading the children’s picture bibles we brought along to the mission. The bibles are in French and Creole, making it easy for our French speaker trip participants and the children to communicate.IMG_1312



Music a Common Language

The gift of music, singing and dancing reduces the language barrier to nothing. Singing hymns, children’s songs and playing musical instruments to the beat has been a daily activity. In this picture Pastor Christine Ruth, Deb Heatherington and Marilee learn a creole hymn together. St. Andrew just may be learning a new hymn in the near future!