Prison Ministry Supplies

Ashley poses with Marilyn and Vierge in front of two suitcases holding prison ministry supplies. While we were unable to go to the prison to drop off the supplies, Redemption Congregation regularly makes visits to the local prison as a ministry of their congregation. Thanks for the donation of supplies from our supporters in MN and ND!

Prison ministry supplies


A Poem by Terry Jacobson

2015 Mission trip

It was a time
when strangers and friends
came together
exploring the meaning
of community
within the team
and with another
community so far
and so different from the ones
from which we come.

It was a time
when impossible hopes
and dreams
uplifted in prayers,
pursued over years,
became sweet reality
and a blessing of water
to the community.

It was a time
when children
with the experience
of God’s love
in song and words
in books in their own language,
through love
and great insightfulness
of deeply caring teachers.

It was a time
when smaller dreams
bore fruit and
offered hope,
as incremental improvements
take small steps
toward improving income
with peanut butter.

It was a time
when clean water
and anti  paracitics
offered hope
of better health
to  the community.

It was a time when
the Spirit passed
so near among us
stirring up joy and laughter
amid poverty,
compromise and building
in spite of limiting resources.
Friendships bloomed
and good will abounded
with the limits of language
patiently overcome.

No one gets to live
on a diet of experience this rich
every day,
but what a blessing
to be a part of it
even for a week.

TJ   2/10/15

Construction Update

Progress has been made on the multipurpose building being constructed to house small businesses for the benefit of the community. In this picture the foundations has been laid and and awaits the return of the workers of the community. All workers on the building are volunteers.


Health and Wellness Clinic Today

Redeemer Congregation in Pasquette hosted today’s clinic for the community. Here are a few pictures of the event.

With the chlorinator installed on the solar-powered water well, bacteria-free drinking water is now available in the village. Today, our mission treated the entire community with de-worming medication and marked each recipient with a cross on their hand to avoid re-treatment.

DSC02611 DSC02608 DSC02595